Hi All,

I am using Suse10 (64-bit). The linker is "ld".

Actually, I want to bind the function calls in the shared library to
be mapped to the functions in the shared library itself if they are
available within it. Else, it should look outside in other libraries.

But, this is not happening. The detailed scenario is as follows:

I have two shared libraries test1.so and test2.so

test1.so has definitions for func1 and func2, where func1 calls func2.

test2.so has definitions for func2.

In the application I call func1.

While linking to the application if I link test2.so first and then
test1.so and when I execute the application, func1 ends up calling
func2 of test2.so instead of the func2 present in test1.so. Why is
this so? Is there anyway to prevent it?

My requirement is that func1 of test1.so should call func2 of test1.so
itself even though I specify test2.so first while linking to the

Any pointer to solve this will be greatly helpful.

Thanks in advance for your help.