houghi wrote:
> Darrell Stec wrote:
>> Just in case none of the fonts work as Vahis suggested (as in my case) just
>> select any font you want, copy it to the /home/user/.mplayer directory and
>> rename it subfont.ttf. I used the arial.ttf found in
>> my /.wine/drive_c/windows/font subdirectory.
>> Works like a charm.

> Instead of copying, you can symlink. Saves space. ;-)
> houghi

I selected a specific font and now Mplayer's controls come up without
the error message. But another problem arose. If I played a supported
video file directly from a webpage under suse 10.2, Mplayer would play
the video in a window without bringing up its controls. The window would
gracefully shut down when the video was finished. Under 10.3, the video
window closes itself but the controls stay up. If I play another video,
a 2nd copy of the controls comes up. If I play 10 videos I will 10
copies of the controls. Of course, I could shut them down each time a
video finishes. But this was never necessary before. I can't find any
settings that prevent the controls from coming up or otherwise deal with
multiple copies of the controls opening.