Hello all,

I have a copy of Eclipse

Version: 3.3.0
Build id: I20070625-1500

along with

J2ME Eclipse plugin 1.7.6

I am testing a SOAP interface (on port 8080).

Basically, when running the Sun J2ME Midlet, It starts off with the

"Testing Midlet Suite wants to connect to ..."

I say "yes" to the connection and it all works.


If I change the code so that the http address is:
...." and run it once more, it just stalls and does not come back.

When I test the SOAP service from the "soap message builder" here:

Everything works OK - meaning the SOAP message can be ran successfully
using the internet identifying IP address. So, the summary is:

1. IP address within the J2ME midlet emulator works
2. IP address (from the test "soap message builder") also
3. IP address within the J2ME midlet DOES NOT work. It
just STALLS.

Would anyone have any kind of idea what is going on here? At least how
can I troubleshoot it?