Hello all,

I have a copy of Eclipse

Version: 3.3.0
Build id: I20070625-1500

along with

J2ME Eclipse plugin 1.7.6

I am testing a SOAP interface (on port 8080) and when starting the
client, get the following:

"Testing Midlet Suite wants to connect to ..."

I say "yes" to the connection and it all works.

Then, I do the following:

1. change the code so that the http address is:
2. I do a "clean" and "build all projects"
3. I run the midlet again and get the following as a result:

"Testing Midlet Suite wants to connect to ..."

So, it seems to be running with an old executable/class/or whatever?
What is the problem? Why is it running this old stuff EVEN when you
specify that the build be "clean"ed?