Hi there,

I wanted to install Flightgear on my day old 10.3 install, from
the BuildService repos, but unfortunately the required deps for
fgfs are not all in one repo. Looking at it I see this...


The way it is setup means I have to install 1 repo for each sub
category under games. For Flightgear there are deps in action,
libs, data, and others that I cannot find. If I add the action
repo and try to check deps for Flightgear

Why on earth is it organised like this? Surely it would be better
to have something like this...


That way I just need to add one repo for all games for 10.3.

Alternatively is there a giant *.repo file somewhere I can use
to access the entire BuildService from YaST?

Kind regards,

Chris Wilkinson, Brisbane, Australia.
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