Bob & Gail schrieb:

> To date, as originally
> mentioned, it has been the best upgrade (for me anyway)

Tried an upgrade from 10.2 to 10.3 yesterday on a test machine. After it
has been finished, I cannot start the "smart" package manager anymore,
kdesu interpreted the option "--gui" as the command and told that it cant
find "--gui". kdesu ignore the "smart" command, just the parameter "--gui"
is passed to kdesu. smart starts out of a console session, so its not a
smart problem.

Other applications like xchat didnt start also after the upgrade and has to
be installed again, even if it was marked as "installed" in yast.
OpenOffice tried to install a package that could not be found on the
media... and... and... and...

So I cant say that the upgrade from 10.2 to 10.3 works and can only suggest
a clean install, as always.

> I have been using
> Suse since 6.x and although I have tried other distributions always come
> back to this one.

I am since 5.2 there but meanwhile tired of it. My favourite distro is
currently Mandriva, which causes less problems to me than SuSE. With every
release of SuSE we get new problems, I cant see a real improvement. All
the old known bugs are still in it, and always new ones with a new release.
I cannot see any significant progress they done after the past ten months
since 10.2 came out. So there is not a real need for 10.3. I think it was
the last try I gave to SuSE now.

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