Hi...Linux newbie...trying to get lm_sensors working under openSUSE

I've really been struggling with this, so any help would be very

1. I'd like to make sure I have the very latest version of sensors-
detect and lm_sensors installed. Is running 'sw update' under YaST
the best way to do that, or should I download the programs myself and
(attempt to) install them?

2. When I ran sensors-detect, it went through all the possible sensors
and came up with only the CPU as eligible. My MB also has the nvidia
405 south bridge, which according to this website:


should have been detected, since the driver is built into the kernel
since version 2.5.54. How do I figure out why my chipset is not being
detected by sensors-detect?

3. Whatever is on my machine now, seems to be not working. I go into
YaST 'services' and see that the lm_sensors module(s) are not
running. I try to enable it, and it fails with a cryptic message
about "program is dead". How do I fix this? Should I just try to
remove lm_sensors completely, and reinstall? How does one remove an
application in openSUSE? (I miss the only good thing in WinXP -- add/
remove programs!)

4. I have an AMD CPU, and it looks like lm_sensors requires a module
called K8temp to be installed. I found this website:


which is Ruldolf's page having a link to his tar.gz file for K8temp.
Great! But, being the loathsome newbie that I am -- I have no idea
how to install this thing under openSUSE 10.2

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to extract, compile and install
an application delivered via tar.gz? Or, a better alternative? (there
is no RPM for this app)