Some additional Googling solved the problem of my "Sorry mime type
warning," and I would like to share it with all who may encounter
similar difficulties:

************************************************** ****

Okay, here is what I found out on my own. I went to the following url
explains the extension types for all the mime-types (at least a

I sifted through all the entries and added the file extentions that
included in the following manner.

Open "Control Center" select "File Associations" click
the "application" group
of the tree and make sure the octet-stream is not included. Click the
"Add..." button and change group to "application". Now select the
"octet-stream" entry and add the following file extentions.


I also put "octet-stream" in the Description text box and did not add
applictions to the "Application Preference Order" area (I would bet
that you
should not add any preferred applications as this might mess stuff up

I have not tried this with multiple users yet so I am not sure if you
have to
do this for everybody. I have also noticed that I am not given the
option to
remove this mime-type (the "Remove.." button next to the "Add..."
remains disabled) now that I have included it. If somebody can tell
me why
or in what file that this information is stored (as I have not found
reference to it) it would be much appreciated.


Thanks to all who have helped with my puzzle.