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> On Sep 6, 6:05 pm, ml2mst wrote:
>> I never made a secret out of the fact, that I've been a SUSE Linux fan
>> since the 6.1 release. But because of the Microvell deal, I jumped ship
>> a couple of months ago. However I felt I had to give the latest openSUSE
>> 10.3 Beta a fair chance.
>> My conclusion however is: its a horror!
>> Every time you want to install (even a single) package using YaST2, the
>> entire package database is rebuild. On my machine this takes about 20
>> minutes :-(

I encountered a similar problem with SVR5 when it was being developed as
Novel had to rewrite the code on the installer to reduce the install time
from a day to about 20 minutes.
Twenty minutes was OK on a 25Mhz 486 with 16M RAM, I expect it would be
faster on a modern machine.

The description of the problem and its effects match so well it makes me
wonder if someone really has stolen some of the stuff from UnixWare as Novel
claimed.. No.. the sources are different for that bit.