OK guys, with just a month to go until 10.3 hits the streets and with it
now being in a feature freeze, I want to start gathering together the
parts to build a new Core 2 quad system (Q6600 as they are now under
$300) but I'm somewhat stuck with which motherboard to get. Is there a
web page somewhere that lists all the chipsets that will be supported by
10.3? In particular, is the newer Intel P35 chipset supported or what
do you recommend? I've googled a bit but got conflicting stories, some
say the P35 will work out of the box, others say it takes a kernel
recompile, which I'd rather avoid doing!

Has anyone been playing with the 10.3 betas on a quad core system? And
if so, what motherboard were you using, and what results did you get? I
just want an easy life of getting 'plug-and-play' components that have
been confirmed to work with 10.3 (betas) out of the box

I'm not really too concerned about overclocking or gaming so $300
'gamers' boards are of no interest to me!