On Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:11:12 -0700
John Bowling wrote:

> Malcolm wrote:
> > Take the ATI card outside and smash it into little pieces with a
> > large hammer ;-)

> So you hate ATI. I have 3 systems that have been running with Radion
> 9000 agp boards - granted they started out as Win 2K systems - and
> one I also ran openSUSE 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2 on, without having to do
> anything beyond the default driver that was put in place by the
> installation procedure.

Not really hence the ;-) I've never had much luck with them though
on the 3D side. I'm sure things have improved in the last few years and
will have to extract the system with a 9600 I put in storage over two
years ago and give it another whirl.

Nvidia have just worked for me, on my notebook that also runs solaris
x86 I was pleasantly surprised to see the nvidia logo appear after the
install rebooted :-)

> On Linux, I had no need of the 3D (and I don't see why anyone does at
> this point - no intense games that I know of), but it worked fine
> with Win 2K.
> So why trash ATI - they cooperate with providing Linux drivers, which
> is something you CAN'T say about most vendors.

Very true :-)

> John

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