When I attempt to download a file from financial.yahoo.com, Firefox
changes the name of the file before saving it. I download a file called
quotes.csv. But the file saved is called quotes.csv.bin.

If quotes.csv
exists, I will get the message asking if I should replace the existing
file. I answer yes, the old file is removed, and the new file is stored
with the .bin appended to the name. If quotes.csv.bin exists, the new
file is stored as quotes.csv(2).bin, and there is no question about
replacing the files.

One more thing, to really make this strange. This
only happens when I save the file in the directory /Windows/E, which is a
vfat partiton mounted on my system. If I try to save in my Linux
partition, the file saves correctly.

I am running SUSE 10.1 and Firefox 2.0.

Thanks for any help or suggestions where to look for help.