I had a software raid5 running using SuSE 8.2.
The raid partition was also encrypted (twofish using loop_fish2.o module).

Now I want to make this raid work with a new installation of SuSE 9.2.
Since I have often read that wrong handling of raids can easily lead to
complete data loss I chose not to experiment and besser ask here first
mdadm was used to create the raid.
Would the new system automatically recognize the raid (including correct
order etc.) if I just plug in the raid disks again?
Until now I didn't even dare to plug in the disks; My worry is that the
system could assemble the raid in the wrong order, start an automated
resync and destroy all my data. So basically my primary question is if it
is safe to connect the disks or if I have to do anything prior to that.

Also, does anyone know more about the loop_fish2 module? Doing a search of
the SuSE 9.2 system partition I can only find a "loop_fish2.ko" file.
Is this one identical and compatible with the "loop_fish2.o" module I used
with SuSE 8.2?