A few days ago, I discovered a series of interesting ethnic cooking
clips on YouTube. They would be nice to keep on a DVD to facilitate
trying them out. The series had 30 clips in all. Upon further
examination, one seemed to be a virtual duplicate, so that cut the
total down slightly.

I used a a script "youtube-dl" that I found on the web to do the
downloading. It worked well. Then, I tried another script that
converted the flash videos to AVI format. Using that format, the
picture and sound were sometimes noticeably out of synch.
Also, a well known DVD menu program that only runs off of AVI had a
limited capacity of 12 titles, which would force using (and wasting
most of the space) on four DVD's.

So, I laboriously downloaded all of the clips again from YouTube
(being a neatness bug, I had already erased all of the original FLV's
once I had them converted.) This time, I used another script that
converted the FLV's to MPG, so that I could use DVD Styler to make my
menu for the 28 clips (I had done a cat of two of the clips that came
in a Part 1 and Part 2) that I had remaining.

Then came quite some time spent building a nice looking menu for the
28 MPG clips, using DVD Styler, and saved the finished product as an
ISO, ready to burn. It played fine on my computer, using VLC player.

After burning the DVD from the ISO, I took it to the living room,
turned on my ancient TV and proudly inserted the DVD into the stand
alone player. Normal picture came out but NO SOUND!

The Video is encoded as MPEG-1, and the sound as MP2. Have I been
going around in circles for nothing?