On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 11:25:31 +0200, houghi wrote:

> al wrote:
>> Help
>> When I reinstalled 10.2 a blurb came up saying there was a problem with
>> monitor settings
>> Now my display is set to 1280 but looks like 800*600 any ideas on how to
>> fix?

> How to confiure the GUI.
> This answers how to configure the GUI when an installation or an upgrade
> does not show the GUI correctly. It will asume an installed system that
> (as far as you know) works perfectly.
> You will need root priveliges (know the root password) and the technical
> settings of your screen, so get that manual. If you don't have the
> manual, look it up. You are able tro post, so you have Internet
> connection.
> First do [CTRL][ALT][F1] to go to textmode. Don't be afraid, it is
> nothing scary. As user type `root` and type your password for root.
> Next type `init 3`. This will bring you to 100% textmode.
> Now run the command `sax2` and you should be able to configure your
> screen.
> If you do not find your screen and/or do not know your settings, start
> with the lowest ones and build your way up.
> When you have set up your screen and tested it, you just run the
> following command `init 5 && exit`. That will start up the GUI and if
> OK, log you out as root.
> If you still can't run the GUI but can run sax2 and the test at the end
> of sax2, it ain't a standard X issue.
> It can also be possible that sax2 does not work. Then you do `man sax2`
> and read it. Realy read it, because there will be a quiz later.
> Some ways to run SaX2 if the above does not work:
> `sax2 -b /usr/share/sax/profile/SomeProfil`
> Mainly for dual screen situations where the dual screen is not
> recognised.
> `sax2 -l` (Lowercase L not number one)
> For the lower resolution to be default. This can be usefull with
> newer screens that are not standard and did not bother to tell
> your software about the size it can handle
> `sax2 --vesa 0:1024x768@60`
> Run screen 0 (the first screen, 1 is the second) in resolution
> 1024x768 at 60 Hz. Should be OK for most if not all LCD screens.
> Run the above and configure your screen(s). If it still ain't working,
> re-read the `sax2 man` page and try some of the other settings.
> If it does work, do `init 5 && exit`.
> Still problems? You can manualy configure it as well. Take a lot more
> information, so get back and tell us what you have done, your videocard
> and screen information, together with your SUSE version and wether or
> not it used to run before and if you have done an update of your system
> and if so, how.
> Aditional information might be needed as well.
> houghi

One thing to be aware of, is that even if you specify a monitor that has
the X Y size in the database, it will not be included in the resulting
xorg.conf file. You must select the display size tab and specify the
actual size of the display to have an acurate BPI for the display.

Use the xdpyinfo command to see what the X configuration has set the value
of resolution for your display.