Hi all,

i have just bought a new 2 scroll battery free wireless
mouse(a4tech). My problem is that i cant make the second scroll to
scroll horizontally. I have tried everything from imwheel to xorg.conf
but the result is the same. using xev i realized that bot scroll send
a button4 and button5 signal. So i think that my problem is driver
related. The only thing i could find in this field was evdev (i hope i
got the name right, is sometime mess up the names). The problem with
that was that i couldn't find a package for Opensuse 10.2 . I then
tried to compile it from source but i got an error witch i had no
idea about. I think maybe that module is for Xfree, but am not sure. I
really bought this mouse for the second scroll, so it really annoys me
that i cant get it to work.