Hi all,

I'm configuring a dual-boot SUSE / Vista laptop for my sister to slowly get
her hooked off Windows. I may add that it's my first encounter with Vista
and NTFS 3.1. There's been a good reason I always used FAT everywhere until
now ... well, with Vista that's not possible anymore.

The problem:
To get access to few files from the SUSE side, I had thought that I could
create a small FAT32 partition for inter-OS file-exchange (done) and then
simply use and link into the NTFS C:\Users\Public\* directory to get
read-only access to some other stuff like images, music etc.

Incidentally, from the Linux side I see every folder that had been set up by
default in C:\Users\Public\:
---------------------- snip ---------------------------
dualix:/windows/C/Users/Public # ls
Desktop Documents Downloads Favorites Music Pictures Videos
---------------------- snap ---------------------------

However, going one level further down, nothing more is visible:
---------------------- snip ---------------------------
dualix:/windows/C/Users/Public # cd Pictures
dualix:/windows/C/Users/Public/Pictures # ls -l
total 0
dualix:/windows/C/Users/Public/Pictures #
---------------------- snap ---------------------------

But there *ARE* folders and documents in there. I created them under Vista
with a normal user account (and for testing also with an Administrator
account). I looked up the Vista version of access control and could see at
first no really important looking difference between, e.g. the default
created "C:\Users\Public\Pictures" and a newly created test folder as
in "C:\Users\Public\Pictures\test". Mainly, apart from the fact that those
files folders were owned by those respective Vista users, the new
files/folders seemed to inherit all access rights from the parental default

Can someone please point me to what I need to tweak within the Vista rights
so that I can see those files/folders also under Linux? I seem to miss
something very obvious (apart from the fact that M$ still does everything
to not interoperate with other OSes).


PS: Yes, I am aware I could repartition the whole drive to have a small NTFS
and a big FAT32 partition beside the Linux ones. For obvious reasons I
want to get around that.
PPS: Vista Aero might look pretty, but the whole thing is so incredibly
bloated and slow I could not believe it. And it's eating the laptop
batteries almost double the speed Linux does.

"The universe has its own cure for stupidity. Unfortunately, it doesn't
always apply it." (Solomon Short)