I'm using openSUSE 10.2.
When I click on an ogg-file in konqueror, Amarok will start to play
this file. Ofcourse this is not what I want, like everybody else I
want that XMMS should be started instead. (forgive me my sarcasm, I
like XMMS much much more than Amarok)
I changed the settings in Personal Settings -> KDE Components -> File
Associations -> audio -> x-vorbis.
I put XMMS on top of the Application Preference Order list and saved
the settings. However, when I close Personal Settings and open it
XMMS is down the list again in favour of Amarok and, as a result,
Amarok will be started when I click on an OGG-file...

Does anybody know what is happening here?
Does anybody know where KDE stores these preferences?