As has been my experience with Linux for so many years I often try things
that I don't need 'yet' but may need in the near future. Good thing as
I've found it much easier to use when I actually do need something if I've
already 'fiddled' with it. So when a friend of mine asked me about some
features he needed in kmail I mentioned the 'Groupware' tab in preferences
and that this was something to consider...

So I'm wondering if any of you have used or are planning to use any of the
available groupware applications ?? I see that there is a openSuSE
repository containing both eGroupware and Kolab. Which one have/are you
using and what are your reasons for doing so ?? Are there any
pointers/suggestions/gotchas you ran into ??

Thanks for any input. As I anticapate using such software in the near term
I want to take a stab at it now. I'll wait, though, for
feedback/suggestions first.

Thanks again.

Michael Soibelman