My Linux workstation (openSUSE 10.2) is part of a mixed Linux/Windows
workgroup. Now if I open Nautilus and click on "Network Servers" in the
menu at the left, a "Windows Network" icon appears. If I click on it,
another icon appears with the Workgroup name. If I then click on that,
a message pops up saying "Couldn't display smb:///Workgoup" (where
"Workgroup" is the workgoup name). The icon then changes appearance to
one that looks like a computer connected to two monitors (still with the
same name, "Workgroup"). If I then click that icon, the devices that
are part of the workgroup appear (two Windows PCs and a NAS device in
this case). Now to get to the shared folders on those devices, it's
the same process again - the first double-click gives a "Couldn't
display smb://Workgroup/Computer1" message, and the second try opens the
device to display the public folders.

So basically I'm able to access the networked devices and their shared
folders (or directories) but why the "Could not access..." messages and
changing icon appearance? How do I fix this?

Thanks for the help. -Pat