Leland C. Scott wrote:

> Does anybody know where I can get a copy of MathCAD Version 6 for Linux.
> My understanding is this was the last version that was available for Linux
> as a native application from all of the research I've done.

Does it have to be Mathcad?

Maxima does the same thing as far as I know http://maxima.sourceforge.net

How simmilar it is in use I don't really know because I haven't used Mathcad
since I used it on a UNIX and Genisco, I think it was shortly after the
Crimean war or at least it seems that long ago.

My main use of maxima has been in matrix and some statistical work but that
too is a while ago, I remember we had just sunk the French fleet and were
playing bowls on the beech. I just looked at the web site when I looked it
up for you and it seems to have come on a long way since then.

Thinks: Will that have been Mathcad I used on UNIX? I think they used to be
a couple of rivals on UNIX workstations and DOS at the time, so I'm not
sure which one it was now. I do remember that I had just replaced an
elastic band on the Colossus at bletchley park, the cogs had been sticking
due to someone dropping a blob of jam on the accumulators ....