Tiz wrote:
> Hi,
> Looking for a doc on the options and parameters available in
> autoyast.xml style files for automatic installation.
> I have my auto installs working but there is problem getting the
> sound card operational and I would like to know the available
> options in autoyast.
> A link to a Hardware Compatibility List would also be appreciated.
> I am working on a DELL Latitude D620. So far so...
> -Tiz

Well - nothing really definitive on the autoyast xml stuff - still

I did have some success with doing a CD installation and selecting
"create autoyast xml file" during the install.

This dropped a file in the /root that I could supposed use to
clone. Didn't really work. Needed some tweaking.

There is also a autoyast option to display the current configuration.

I found that a post script inclusind "yast2 sound add
module=snd-hda-intel" helped in installing the sound card. Once
the initial install completed, a manual power down and power up
seemed to bring the sound card inline.