On Fri, 01 Jun 2007 17:03:50 -0500, Godzilla typed this message:

> A couple of days ago, I noticed that Firefox had an update to v 2.04
> available. I downloaded it and it installed, but not in the same place
> as my then current v 2.03 (no bookmarks, preferences, etc.)
> So, I deleted the new version, and decided to let Smart update it for
> me. Smart (???) installed v 2.02. Something similar happened using YAST.
> If I recall correctly YAST only knew about v 2.03
> It would seem that the various repositories don't get their act
> together. ;-)
> I am wondering if it would be worth it to download v 2.04 again and
> attempt to install it where my 2.03 is living or just wait around for
> Firefox to give me the "automatic update" that it should do?
> There seems to be a sense of deja vu about this lurking somewhere.
> Godzilla

Doesn't Firefox notify you there is an update available? It will update
itself and restart.

Even if you install Firefox to a new location when you start it from the
new location it will look for preferences in the ~/.mozilla folder.
There are big difference between 1.5.* releases and 2.0.* releases that
hose the preferences.