Hi there,
I've had this sun blade 2000 recently for 2 years and for the past few months, it failed to boot after i opened it up to take out and put back the components to study them.

I have tried everything but it wont start up, from changing ram slots, trying only 1 CPU and changing the disk slots.

Of the change i made were adding some PCI cards but i took them out after.

When powered on, the system starts up, doing a self- check and device check but doesnt do anything after that. The LED stays on but the light on the power button isnt there and the computer just does nothing. I tried using a d-link ethernet PCI card and the router registered a connection from it when powered on but no ip is given. I also here a few soft beeps which is the usual sound you get when booting like as if it has processed something.

Am i missing out something? I also tried using serial but i cant find a suitable port to put it in. Will a com port suffice? i have null modem cable for serial, parallel, com ports, and com to serial.
I dont have another machine with a serial port, only parallel and SCSI.

I have tried connecting it to the parallel and com port but i dont get any data flowing through.

I want to get it up and working so that i can use it for networking. It would be a waste if it wouldnt work anymore from my experience. Graphics card seems fine, its an XVR-1000 i think although if the graphics card is broken, does it prevent booting?