Long story short I picked up a Sunfire v240 and now I'm looking to install ubuntu onto it. My boss was throwing out a few of them so I picked one up and now im having quite a headache connecting to it.

My problem is that I cannot connect to it or get a visual of what the server is doing when I power it on. I've tried a crossover cable to my laptop and was able to get a connection through one of the com ports using putty in windows (vista), but nothing showed up. It was just a blank screen. I also tried a db-9 (serial) to rj45 (ethernet) connection, a basic internet connection, mapping my home network, all of which failed to get me anywhere.

I am brand new to Sun, I usually work on ibm servers which are easy-plug in a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor to the 15pin video connection right on the front of the machine, so please be elaborate enough for a beginner to understand.

Thanks for any help that I can get.