I've been reading the stuff about the new FISHworks stuff. I like it!

The only slight trouble is I don't have $10k+ for a personal
fileserver right now. Does anyone know when and if we'll be able to
make homebrew fishservers? I quite fancy one for my basement, just not
using large chunks of SSD, nor 146GB SAS disks. Even something like an
ultra 40 "fishified" might be a bit more affordable. Currently it's a
"workstation", but with a 1kw power supply and up to 8 bracketed hard
drive bays it kind of looks like a small office server to me as it is
(you have to squint a bit

I know BMC already put up a vmware image of the server software, I'm
definitely going to try that out to start with, but I have a feeling I
am going to want to go a bit further long before I save enough for a
real fishworks box.



Chris Morgan
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