Barry OGrady writes:
> I have a Sun Sparcstation IPX that was in a lot from an online
> auction. Is there any interest in this ancient machine?
> I don't think it can be made to work as it is missing the NVRAM
> and boot ROM as well as RAM and HD.

Resale value of a generic IPX is probably nil, but individual parts might
have a little bit of value. For example, if it has the Weitek 80MHz
PowerUp processor chip instead of the original 40MHz chip, that chip might
be worth a few dollars (and would be light enough that shipping wouldn't
cost a fortune). Similarly, if it has any interesting SBus cards, the
cards might find some interest (since they can be used in any SBus-based

On the other hand, if you don't have any way of ensuring the parts work,
then giving them away for just the cost of shipping and handling is
probably the best future the parts can hope for.