Vol 129 Issue 1 2008-11-08 Article 20834 from section "Solaris"

6 Minute Video with Larry Wake, Group Manager, Solaris Marketing

Learn what's new in the Solaris 10 operating system in a brief video
update by Larry Wake.

- Tested, Integrated update

- ZFS enterprise enhancements

- Support for new systems from Intel

- New Virtualization features

ZFS can now be used for the root file system and booting. ZFS can now
be the main file system as it is in OpenSolaris.

Sun has been doing a lot of work with the #2 contributors to
OpenSolaris, Intel. Support has been added for Intel's latest
multicore Xeon processors and support for Intel NUMA systems has been

Solaris 10 has a broad range of virtualization built in: Solaris
Containers, Logical Domains and Paravirtualization support for
Xen-based hypervisors. This release has improvements for each.

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