Vol 129 Issue 1 2008-11-08 Article 20838 from section "News"

November 2008

Each month Sun Marketing publishing the "Good News" about Sun. This
month there are 20 items in three groups:

- Customers Choose Sun: Sun Ray Thin Clients, Lustre File System,
Sun Blade Servers, GlassFish Server, MySQL DB

- Leading Market Conversations: Eco Efficiency, Open Source,
Virtualization, Software, Partner Growth Fund,
Environmental Award, CSR Report

- Product Reviews Underscore Innovation: 3.0
Software, Sun SPARC Enterprise¨∆ T5440 Server, Sun xVM
VirtualBox Platform, Sun Blade 6000 Server, JavaFX SDK

A two-page PDF of the "Good News" from Sun is available in English
and several other languages.

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