Vol 129 Issue 1 2008-11-08 Article 20847 from section "Java Technology"

Sun Offers Preview of Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server version 3 Prelude is a lightweight
Web application server that is based on a modular OSGi architecture.
GlassFish is one of the leading open source application servers in
the industry today with more than 14 million downloads since its
first release in May 2005, more than 225,000 registrations in 2008
and hundreds of production deployments around the globe. With
features, such as: ease of installation and management, modularity
and extensibility and enhanced JRuby support, GlassFish Enterprise
Server v3 Prelude allows developers to easily scale their projects
from small Web-tier deployments to large-scale mission critical
architectures, simplify complex development and production tasks and
increase productivity.

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