Vol 128 Issue 5 2008-10-31 Article 20797 from section "News"

SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Delivers Enterprise Performance and Mission-critical RAS in Ultra-dense Footprint

Sun and Fujitsu have expanded the SPARC Enterprise server family by
adding the entry-level SPARC Enterprise M3000 server, powered by a
single quad-core SPARC64 VII processor and Solaris 10. The SPARC
Enterprise M3000 server inherits the mission-critical features of the
SPARC64-based SPARC Enterprise server family, delivering
mainframe-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) in
an ultra-dense open system at an entry-level price. The new systems
are ideal platforms for single-threaded enterprise applications
including databases, BIDW, ERP and CRM.

"The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server provides a perfect balance between
mission-critical features, compact form factor and power efficiency,"
said Masami Yamamoto, corporate senior vice president of Fujitsu.
"The new SPARC Enterprise server offers excellent performance for a
broad range of application areas and will facilitate innovation in
customers’ business processes."

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