Vol 128 Issue 4 2008-10-24 Article 20726 from section "Java Technology"

9th Episode Available via iTunes

Jennifer Winger writes about the Java Podcast series, "This Ain't
Your Dad's Java":

It has been a crazy, crazy week, but we are all in crunch mode with
JavaFX. This fall is going to rock with JavaFX and I can't wait for
everyone to see what we have been working on.

It was brought to our attention last week while we were recording our
latest episode of our weekly podcast series, This Ain't Your Dad's
Java, that I hadn't told my blog world about it.

Every week, Eric Klein, David Bryant and I sit down with various
people from across Sun and talk all things Java as well as we dive
into some of our favorite toys, what music has our toes tapping, what
books we are reading as well as what we got in our last box from
Amazon.COM. We go all over the place, but we always have fun doing
it. We also plan to go outside of Sun and talk to partners,
customers, Java gurus and more.

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