Vol 128 Issue 4 2008-10-24 Article 20767 from section "Java Technology"

Provides Significant Enhancements for Consumer Desktop Experience and the Underlying Platform for the Upcoming JavaFX Desktop 1.0 Release

Java Platform Standard Edition 6 Update 10 (Java SE 6u10)
significantly improves the usability and performance of the Java
platform on desktop computers worldwide.

Java SE 6u10 is optimized for consumers with new features that
include: radically improved startup time for Java applications and
applets, the ability to drag Java applets directly from the browser
and have them run as desktop widgets, more powerful and stylized
application graphics, a faster and simpler installation experience
and a new cross-platform look and feel.

Developers also benefit significantly from the enhancements in Java
SE 6u10. The built-in Deployment Toolkit helps to ensure end users
run the most recent version of Java SE. A new Java plug-in provides
full browser independence, complete interoperability with web 2.0
technologies and supports different versions of Java software running
at the same time on the same machine.

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