Vol 128 Issue 3 2008-10-17 Article 20734 from section "News"

Redefines Midrange Enterprise Computing with Industry-Leading Price Points, Power Management and Multiple World Record Benchmarks

The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server is a 4-socket system, based on
the UltraSPARC T2 Plus architecture, in a compact 4U package with up
to 256-threads (32 cores)and 512 GB of memory.

"Sun is dramatically changing IT economics and delivering enormous
value to the midrange market that could not come at a more critical
time," said John Fowler, EVP, Systems Group, Sun . "The Solaris-based
SPARC Enterprise T5440 server offers incredible performance on a
completely different curve in a footprint that's half the size of the
competition. For customers, it all comes down to faster, smaller,
greener, better. And with the built-in virtualization of Solaris,
they can save even more."

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