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Vol 128 Issue 2 October 6 to October 12

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
20713 What's New on BigAdmin

20658 Online Training Company Boosts Virtualized Application
Performance by 25%
20679 Proximity Communication's Big Issues: Chip Alignment and Power
20704 BBC Backstage Interview with Jonathan Schwartz CEO of Sun

20680 Bull Named Prime Contractor for JuRoPa Project

20700 Winners of Community Innovation Program Awards
20707 Next Sun Launch Event: Change Your IT Economics
20708 Sun Recognized by US EPA for Surpassing Aggressive Greenhouse Gas
Emissions Goal

20645 Sun Reference Configurations for Oracle Data Warehouses

20676 Review: SPARC Enterprise T5140/T5240 and Virtualization
20677 x86 and x64 Server Interactive Whitepaper
20685 Sun Fire X2100 M2
20693 Sun Fire X4600 M2 Enhancements
20694 Sun Blade X6450 Server Module with Intel Xeon 4-Core and 6-Core
20705 'Consolidation Through Virtualization with Sun x64 Servers'

20692 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1, One- and Three-Year Premium

20640 Sun Java System Web Proxy Server
20703 Sun and Open Source: The Payoff Is in View

Sun Disk
20687 New SAS Drives for Sun Storage J4200 and J4400 Arrays

20656 Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise 2.6 Software
20659 Sun StorageTek 6140 Array Storage Solution for 6000 Mailboxes in
Microsoft Exchange 2007
20660 Sun StorageTek 6540 Array Storage Solution for 20,000 Mailboxes
in Microsoft Exchange 2007
20670 Sun Storage J4400 Array with the Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup
Software 7.4

SysAdmin's Section
20657 LDOMS I/O Best Practices - Network Availability With Logical

20688 Video: New Carrier-Grade Server Choices Designed for Scalability,
Performance, and Density
20689 Sun Netra X4250 And X4450 Server Architecture White Paper
20691 Sun Netra T5440 Server Architecture White Paper

Top 10
20721 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

20639 Infoworld Virtualization Showdown: VMware Workstation 6.5 vs. Sun
xVM VirtualBox 2.0