Vol 128 Issue 1 2008-10-04 Article 20641 from section "SysAdmin's Section"

Updating and Patching Firmware and LDoms

As part of a users Solaris Patch Policy it is recommended to always
include updating the Firmware and LDoms stack as well as the Solaris

In a blog Damien Farnham explains why Sun SPARC Solaris system
administrators favor the OBP, which was on SPARC platforms as far in
the past as the SPARCstation 1. OBP allows sys admins to rapidly boot
net or boot disk1 to boot from a different OS image from the default.
The firmware did little after the OS booted and in general most users
never really needed to upgrade their OBP. Now that firmware stack on
T1/T2 based systems has advanced to include the OBP and also features
only found in the operating systems in the past such as as a
Hypervisor with Logical Domains software.

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