Vol 127 Issue 4 2008-09-22 Article 20652 from section "OpenSolaris"

First Open High Availability Cluster (OHAC) Community Built SC Agent Released

The Sun Cluster Agent for Informix is the first SC Agent built by the
open source community is complete and available for download - the
first step of realizing the vision of connecting the OHAC community
with the product technology, monetizing from opensourcing through the
participation of the community.

Solaris Cluster (SC) is an integrated software platform that delivers
best-in-class high availability to business services, keeping global
enterprises running 24x7 through planned maintenances, failures, wide
area outages or disasters.

You can download this sophisticated infrastructure software and use
it at no cost. If you need assurance and support, Sun offers
licensing and support plans for purchase.

Details at

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