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Vol 127 Issue 4 September 22 to September 28

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
20654 What's New on BigAdmin

Free and Open Source Software
20653 3.0

20543 The McNealy Minute #17 and #18
20633 Harnessing the Emerging Market Opportunity
20634 Sun Microsystems' Menlo Park Data Warehouse Featured in 2009
Guinness Book

Financial Services
20643 1.3 Million-Messages-Per-Second Benchmark on Sun Server with
CoolThreads Technology

20541 Virtual Clustering at TACC with MyCluster
20611 Supercharging the Enterprise: HPC Enters the Mainstream
20632 Sun HPC Consortium in Austin, November 15-17

20637 Sun Goes Deep with Sun Modular Datacenter D20

Java Technology
20638 Blu-ray Disc Application Development with Java ME,

20623 MySQL Workbench SE (Standard Edition) Subscription Offerings
20625 New Geo-Replication Add-on, MySQL Cluster Support Offerings

20605 High-Performing, Space-Saving Sun Solution Helps Physics Research
Organization Meet Massive Data Analysis Need
20648 OpenSPARC Community Innovation Award Winners
20649 Fox, Sun and Greenplum Enterprise Data Warehouse

20537 OpenSolaris: Your Boundless Development System (Webcast, 23:00)
20652 Sun Cluster Agent for Informix v11

20646 Oracle Momentum Worldwide On SPARC Enterprise Servers

20613 Enterprise Data Center Design and Methodology

20614 Solaris Security Presentation for Tech Days 2009

20624 New Options Available for Sun Fire X4450 with Intel Xeon
Processor 7400 series

20626 Sun Identity Compliance Manager Offers Compliance Functionality
Features of Sun Role Manager 4.1

20615 Sun Netra T5440 AC: A carrier-grade, Rackmount, Dual Processor
20628 Netra ATCA Blade Server Family Brings Sun Expertise to Advanced
Telecom Computing Architecture Space
20631 COLT Telecom Group Limited Solves Architecture Issue with Sun
Clustering Solutions

Top 10
20671 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

Vendor Voice
20538 Sun and Force10

20514 Secure Desktop Virtualization Webinar and Demo

20592 Tour Sun xVM OpsCenter
20593 Tour Sun xVM Server