If anyone wants any of these, send me two cheques

1) One payable to the RSPB (Royal Society Protection Birds).

2) One payable to me for carriage (or if you want to pick them up from
Essex, you can avoid the carriage).

I've got the following items.

1) 8 MB VSIMM for SPARC 20 (15 for charity, 3 for carriage)


2) 4 x 125 MHz Ross HyperSPARCs for Sparc 20 (20 for RSPB, 5 for
carriage). These might work in a SPARC 10 I'm not sure.

3) s-bus GPIB board. Make a cheap GPIB instrument controller

I don't know the p/n off hand, but it is probably this


I'll include drivers if you don't have them.

15 for charity, 3 for carriage

4) 512 MB RAM for SS20 (8 x 64 MB SIMM)
15 for charity, 5 for carriage.

5) framebuffers, smaller ram chips, slower CPUs etc. Let me know what
you want and I'll try to find it.