As I have mentioned previously, I recently migrated to the latest
version of calendar from a 5.x version. The previous was running on a
Sun ultra 2, the current is running in a vmware linux instance. We
tested this machine with a small subset of our users for a period of
time, everything seemed to be working fine. Unfortunately when I
needed everyone to get on the new virtual server, they demanded their
data. Nobody seemed sure if this would work or not, but I successfully
exported and the new server took the .xml or .ics data in all of the
cases. All of the appointments were there.

Now that they've been using the new server for a few weeks, they've
stumbled onto something that is disrupting their scheduling at our
largest site... Evidently any of the data that I imported into the new
server cannot be edited. When anybody clicks on an entry that was
imported, only the summary and reminders tabs are there, thus
information needs to be deleted and then re-added when they need to

When I checked the calendar's permissions everything was the way it
should have been. When I checked for the valid owner there was nothing
set at all, which I found slightly strange.

Anyway what I'm really wondering right now is what I would have to do
to restore the ability to edit these previous entries. I've exhausted
the limits of my knowledge on administrating the server and web
searches aren't turning up anything. I don't know what to look for in
the LDAP data to verify whether or not things are just severely
borked, either. I would be very grateful for any pointers or ideas
that anyone might have on this issue.

Damon Getsman