Vol 127 Issue 1 2008-09-01 Article 20525 from section "Storage"

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Sun blogger Anatol Studler makes that case in a recent blog that you
should avoid placing SSDs in traditional arrays.

A traditional array has a controller with a certain fixed amount of
compute power and I/O capability. Placing fast SSDs into an array
designed for traditional disks is, "is quite surprising to me, as it
is comparable to place a 8-cylinder bi-turbo engine with 450HP into
an entry level car."

Anatol continues, "Traditional midrange arrays are developed to
handle hundreds of traditional (15k RPM) harddisk drives. A
traditional harddisk is capable of running about 250 IO/s. Now if we
compare this with the actual enterprise class Solid State Disks
available on the market, a single solid state disk can do about 50k
IO/s read or 12k IO/s write. So in fact it is about 100x faster than
a 15k RPM harddisk."

A fast array controller capable of delivering 500k I/Os would hard
pressed to keep up with just 10 SSDs.

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