Vol 127 Issue 1 2008-09-01 Article 20535 from section "Features"

Performance Analysis vs. RDBMS on Phone Call Surveillance

Rainer Walter's case study entitled "Phone Call Surveillance With
CopperEye Greenwich on Sun Fire X4540 Server" describes the results
of using the CopperEye Greenwich Server software, v2.1.0.6 designed
for the fast retrieval of records from flat data files, on a
high-density storage Sun Fire X4540 server with 2x AMD Opteron
quad-core CPU, 2.3 GHz, 32 GB RAM and 48 X 500 GB SATA disks running
the Solaris 10 Operating System. This case study describes the
results of a usage test for phone call surveillance under storage and
analysis requirements defined by a directive of the European
Parliament and Council.

Details at

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