Hi there,
I've got a T5120 running 7 zones, SMC does not work on any of these
zones and does not give any errors at all on the console. On loading,
it shows the splash, then the main window, in the status bar it says
it successfully loaded smc.tbx, then the status bar goes blank, and
the UI is then unresponsive, with no toolbox shown.

It seems that on creation of a zone, SMC works once and then never
again, no errors, nothing. I've restarted the zones, the wbem server
with svcadm and nothing makes a difference.

I would guess that if somehow I reset SMC and WBEM to be like a fresh
installation, it would likely work, anyone know how this might be done
(other than re-installing, which I can't do every time this happens)?

Any debug options I don't know about?

Thanks in advance