Vol 126 Issue 4 2008-08-31 Article 20502 from section "News"

Mentioned At Hot Chips conference in Palo Alto

Fujitsuís Takumi Maruyama delivered a presentation on Tuesday at the
Hot Chips conference in Palo Alto, Calif. According to a report in
Computerworld, at the end of that presentation there was a brief
discussion of a future eight-core version of the quad-core SPARC64
VII. The eight core chip has a code name of ďVenusĒ. Sun and Fujitsu
jointly developed the SPARC Enterprise server line that uses the
SPARC64 chips and Solaris 10.

A 64-way SPARC Enterprise M9000 equipped with quad-core 2.52GHz
SPARC64 VII processors delivered 2.023 TFLOPS on the Linpack HPC

Maruyama provided few details, including when the processor will ship
other than it will be manufactured using a 45-nanometer process, a
step up from the 65-nanometer process used for the quad-core SPARC64

Details at

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