Vol 126 Issue 4 2008-08-31 Article 20513 from section "News"

Slide Deck, by Shailendar Chaundry, from "Hot Chips" Conference

Sun's Shailender Chaudhry delivered a presentation at the August 2000
"Hot Chips" conference. Slides from the talk, "Rock: A third
Generation 65nm, 16-Core, 32 Thread + 32 Scout-Threads CMT SPARC
Processor" are [url
"" "available
on-line"] in PDF format.

"The goals for this high-end commercial microprocessor are high
throughput and high single-thread performance, mainframe-class
reliability, hardware transactional memory, and linear scalability.
We show how these goals are met by the logical and physical design of
this 2.3GHz 396mm2 16-core 32-thread plus 32-scout-thread

Details at

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