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Vol 126 Issue 4 August 25 to August 31

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
20496 Sun Fire X4500: A Magnetic Library for CommVault Simpana Software
20520 What's New on BigAdmin

20483 Sun Tech Days: A Worldwide Developer Conference

20469 Sun's GNU/Linux Offerings
20497 Eco Innovation in the Datacenter
20501 Retirement? Not for Scott McNealy
20503 The New Model for Software: Sun's Rich Green on Open Source

20479 Podcast: Towards Cloud Computing with Sun Grid Engine 6.2
20480 TACC Ranger Tackles Facial Recognition

20242 Sun SPOT- Sun Small Programmable Object Technology

20498 White Paper: "MySQL Workbench: A Data Modeling Guide for
Developers and DBAs"
20499 White Paper: "MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Technical Overview"

20481 SPECjbb2005 Sun Fire X4600 M2 X86
20502 Fujitsu Readies Eight-core SPARC64 Chip ("Venus")
20513 Rock: A SPARC CMT Processor

20500 New OpenSolaris Project: iSCSI Boot

20307 Explore Your Storage with FileBench

20457 Extremely Fast Pattern Matching on Sun SPARC Enterprise
20475 Sun Fire X4150, X4250, and X4450 Server Architecture
20487 Sun X4150 provides power in a slim case

20329 Streaming Software Release V2.0
20391 Sun Announces Sun Grid Engine 6.2; Transitions Sun Grid Engine
20397 Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 1.0

20466 Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Prime (VTL Prime) System
20504 Five Filesytems from Sun Meet Different Needs

SysAdmin's Section
20348 Setting Up OpenDS 1.0.0 as a Naming Service OpenSolaris
20463 Image Packaging System
20482 Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit (JET)

20465 Sun Netra X4250

Top 10
20522 Top Ten Articles for last Issue

20453 Sun Ray Connector for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager