one problem. Use 4 T2000 machine. One is install server, other 3 machine
for working.

I started flashupdate from ALOM-a on all 3 mchines, and first two passed,
third one show some problems like:

when I started flashupdate -s xxx.xxx.xx.xx -f path I typed wrong username
and password and I got error message that I need to provide correct username
and passw.
Again, I started command with wrong username and password and everything

Finally, after hard rebooting of machine I entered again via ALOM and I
tried to make flash update and I got error like:
SC Error: Software update already running. and like that all f**** day.

IS THERE ANY WAY HOT TO STOP this function? Because flashupdate couldn't
start with correct name of ftp server where is stored bin file, so I suppose
that something else f*** me ?

Please help*