Vol 125 Issue 3 2008-07-14 Article 20295 from section "News"

New Quad-Core SPARC64-Based Servers

Sun announced new quad-core SPARC64 VII CPUs for its Enterprise
servers M4000, M5000, M8000 M4000 and M9000. With the new CPUs the
Sun SPARC Enterprise Server M9000 and Sun Studio delivers more that 2

On the SAP Standard Application Sales and Distribution benchmark
which represents tasks performed in real-world ERP environments, the
Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 server with 64 processors 256 cores, and
512 threads, supports 39,100 users, which beats the IBM Power 595
(35,400 SD users) by more than 10 percent, and the HP Integrity SD64B
(30,000 SD users) by over 30 percent.

The news CPUs extend the server family from 16 cores to 256 cores
with 32 to 512 DIMM slots:

- M4000 - 4 CPUs, 16 cores, 32 DIMMs

- M5000 - 8 CPUs, 32 cores, 64 DIMMs

- M8000 - 16 CPUs, 64 cores, 128 DIMMs

- M9000-32 - 32 CPUs, 128 cores, 256 DIMMs

- M9000-64 - 64 CPUs, 256 cores, 512 DIMMs

With 4 GB DIMMS, the support memory ranges from 128 GB for the M4000
to 2 Tb for the M9000.

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