I have an A35100 storage array connected by fibre channel to a couple of
E420s. The 420s are using veritas disk manager to manage the raw disk
space (mostly storage for Oracle datafiles).

One of the logical drives on the array is a 4 disk RAID1 array and I'm
running short of space. What I'd like to do is add another two disks to
this to provide a bit more space.

On attempting to add disks to the logical drive, however, sccli tells me
that the current firmware version doesn't support addition of drives to
a raid 1 array. Which is fair enough.

What I'm wondering is if a firmware upgrade will actually provide this
functionality, or if there's a better way to do it. I don't really want
to go through the pain of updating the firmware if I don't have to.



Sir Chewbury Gubbins
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