Hi everyone :-)

I'm totally confused about order in which SMF service are stopped (or
can be stopped). The following is sample relationship between

- database (no dependencies)
- web server (depends on working database)
- multi-user-server milestone (depends on web server)

From my observations so far follows, that when one invokes "svcadm
disable database", there will be be following order of services
1 - database
2 - web server
3 - multi-user-server milestone

And here a problem arises... When stop method of database service is
being executed and database processes are being shut down, some web
server process looses its connection with database and goes into
maintenance state. I'm astonished, because I thought that SMF is aware
about propability of such dependencies between services' processes.

Is there any way to configure SMF to offline dependant services in
"down-top" way? In the above example I would expect following shutdown
1 - multi-user-server milestone
2 - web server
3 - database

Is it possible to make such relationship without placing "svcadm
disable " in stop method of dependency service?

Thank you in advance for any hints!

Best regards,